Training at NBIS

NBIS offers training and workshops within the area of bioinformatics. The training events are primarily for PhD students, postdocs, investigators and other researchers at Swedish universities, but also for industrial researchers in Sweden. There is a small fee for the participants.

We offer both introductory level training events as well as niched and advanced level training events within specialized research and/or technology areas.

Please note that NBIS training events do not provide any formal university credits. The training content is estimated to correspond to a certain number of credits; however, the estimated credits are just guidelines. If formal credits are important, you need to confer with your home department before submitting a course application to establish if the course is valid for formal credits or not.

FAIR training material by Design

2024-09-18 to 2024-09-19 (2 days)
Deadline 2024-08-23
More info# FAIR Training This 2 days course is based on the FAIR training handbook and 10 simple rules to make material FAIR publication. All sessions are structured in a way that complement each other aiming to introduce participants with a theoretical & hands-on approach of how to design FAIR training material. Activities are intended to increase the technical skills and critical thinking during the development of a new training course. From A to Z participants are going to be challenged to work in a group to build a FAIR lesson on a topic to be presented at the end of the course. Come inspired!

Epigenomics Data Analysis: from Bulk to Single Cell

2024-09-16 to 2024-09-20 (5 days)
Deadline 2024-08-28
More infoThe aim of this workshop is to introduce best practice bioinformatics methods for processing, analyses and integration of epigenomics data. The online teaching includes lectures, programming tutorials and interactive group sessions. This workshop is run by the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS). **Audience** Course open to PhD students, postdocs, and other researchers in all Swedish universities. We also welcome applications from outside of Sweden and from the non-academic sector, for more info contact us! **Fee** This online training event has no fee for academics. However, if you confirm your participation but do not do so (no-show) you will be invoiced 2000 SEK. Please note that NBIS cannot invoice individuals. By accepting to participate in the course, you will be agreeing to follow the [NBIS Training Code of Conduct]( We will issue a course certificate upon a successful course completion, assessed by active participation in all course sessions (lectures, computer practicals, group discussion etc.). Unfortunately we are **not** able to warrant any university credits (högskolepoäng). Many universities however, recognize the attendance in our courses and award 1.5 HPs, corresponding to a 40 h of studying. It is up to participants to clarify and arrange credit transfer with the relevant university department.