User fee bioinformatics support track

The support we offer will be based on your needs. Our most common type of support is that we do all the bioinformatics analysis for you. If you want to run the analyses yourself but need help to get started, we can give expert advice on best practices and suggest tools for you. We can be there as a discussion partner for your whole project if you like.

Time and cost

We offer support for SEK800 per hour. These hours are not tied to specific days or weeks but can be spread out over several months if necessary. We only count time when our bioinformatics experts are actively working with your project (including meetings and communication), compute time is free.

Prerequisites and project start

We have no application deadlines. Projects are accepted continuously, and we strive to answer within a working week. We will only reject projects based on low feasibility, if data does not exist yet, or lack of available competence in NBIS. If you are in the planning stage of your project or are waiting for data, we will instead offer a free consultation meeting; apply here.

When you have registered your project in our support application form (see link below), a coordinator will contact you to set up a first meeting with one of our experts. Once you have agreed with the expert on what analyses should be performed, a contract will be written. This contract needs to be printed out, signed by the PI of the project, and then submitted to NBIS. The NBIS coordinator and expert will be helping you in this process. Once this is done, the support can start.

Communication and publications

When the project is ongoing you will communicate with the bioinformatics expert via email and/or meetings as necessary. The coordinator will also be available to support you if needed. At end of the project, the expert will provide you with a report, including information needed for the materials and methods section for a coming scientific paper. It is mandatory that NBIS is mentioned in acknowledgements if the work results in a publication. If the bioinformatics expert contributes with their scientific knowledge to solve scientific questions, they should be coauthor according to the ICMJE “Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals”.

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