Partner project

For projects with a large bioinformatics component, NBIS can enter as a project partner based on full cost coverage by the research project. This track is intended for projects requiring NBIS support staff of at least 12 person months over the project life-time, running minimally 2 and maximally 5 years calendar time (eg. 0.5 FTE over 2 years).

Rules and guidelines

Agreement and costs

Projects interested to engage with NBIS as Partner Projects are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss the details and conditions for this support!

NBIS partner projects are preferably discussed and agreed before a project applies for funding from a funding agency, with NBIS salary costs specified in the proposed budget (and possibly with NBIS as a co-applicant in the proposal, if applicable). NBIS will apply a standardised salary level and indirect cost model for the NBIS staff in the budget calculations, as specified in the Partner Projects agreement template. Additional costs (within reasonable limits) like travelling and personal computers for the NBIS staff are not charged to the project budget.


The research group should assign at least one scientist from their group to take part in the bioinformatics work to ensure efficient knowledge transfer. Exceptions from this rule can be negotiated on a case-to-case basis, if particular reasons apply.


NBIS will review the feasibility of the project before entering into a partner project, reviewing the project plan and the funding proposal, to ensure feasibility in terms of the study design, manpower and data management. In case a project wants to engage NBIS as a partner after a funding proposal has been submitted or granted, NBIS will review the project plan on the same grounds as above. NBIS will not engage in projects or project proposals not considered technically feasible, or if NBIS cannot provide the required competence for the project. NBIS will not review the scientific quality of the project, nor the ethical, legal and societal implications of the project, as this will be done by the funding agency.

Project management and budget revisions

The NBIS engagement in a partner project is specified in terms of manpower and calendar time according to the project budget and the project plan. As for any research collaboration, revisions of the budget and the project plan are discussed regularly. The lead PI of the project is the primary responsible for the project management, including the engaged NBIS staff. A status meeting with the main PI, the responsible NBIS manager and the NBIS staff is conducted every second month, or at any time needed.


The NBIS staff by default have their workplace located together with other NBIS experts at NBIS hubs. The NBIS staff assigned to the project can be either existing NBIS expert(s), or new recruitment(s) to NBIS, depending on the project needs and the available staff. The assigned NBIS staff working on the project should match the FTE (full-time equivalents) in the project budget, but can be distributed across NBIS experts with different expertise as most suitable to reach the project goals.

NBIS Partner Projects and other NBIS support tracks

Partner projects can not utilize any other NBIS project support tracks during the timeframe of the project. Should substantially more resources than planned be needed, this should be solved by expanding the budget within the Partner Project. The partner project PI is most welcome to utilize other NBIS support tracks for other parallel research projects as usual.

Termination of the agreement

In case the funding is not granted, the research group is free to withdraw from the Partner Project agreement at no cost. In case the assigned NBIS expert(s) is no longer available, and no adequate replacement can be offered, the research group is free to withdraw from the partner project agreement at no cost, except for the NBIS salary already used (if any). For other terminations of the agreement, three (3) months notice is applied in both directions.

Projects interested to engage with NBIS as Partner Projects are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss the details and conditions for this support!

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