Partner project application

For projects with a large bioinformatics component, NBIS can enter as a project partner based on full cost coverage by the research project. This track is intended for projects requiring NBIS support staff of at least 12 person months over the project life-time, running minimally 2 and maximally 5 years calendar time (eg. 0.5 FTE over 2 years). The NBIS staff have their workplace located together with other NBIS experts at NBIS hubs, but other arrangements can be decided if all involved parties agree. Projects interested to engage with NBIS as Partner Projects are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss the details and conditions for this support!

Please note that for supported projects, the project title, PI name and institution will be included in reports to NBIS funders and shown on the NBIS website.

This information helps us categorize your application and enables us to match it with our expertise.

This information provides statistics on applied and granted projects to our funders.

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