Future courses at NBIS

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Python programming with applications to bioinformatics

2023-10-09 to 2023-10-13 (5 days)
Deadline 2023-09-08
Uppsala, Umeå
More infoThis course provides a practical introduction to the writing of Python programs for the complete novice. Participants are led through the core aspects of Python illustrated by a series of example programs. Upon completion of the course, attentive participants will be able to write simple Python programs from scratch and to customize more complex code to fit their needs.

Introduction to Data Management Practices

2023-10-17 to 2023-10-19 (3 days)
Deadline 2023-09-27
Uppsala, Göteborg
More infoThis course will introduce important aspects of Research Data Management through a series of lectures and hands-on computer exercises. This workshop runs in parallel on-site in Uppsala, and Göteborg. Lectures will be streamed online from our Uppsala site (mainly) to the Göteborg classrooms, and vice versa. Teachers and teaching assistants will be present at both locations all week to help with exercises and questions. When registering you will be asked to select a preferred site.

R Foundations for Life Scientists

2023-10-23 to 2023-10-27 (5 days)
Deadline 2023-09-20
More infoThe course covers fundamental concepts of programming and software design focusing on programming in R. We will go through various aspects of R scripting emphasizing the parts useful for life scientists. After introductory lectures on good programming practices, basic software design theory and a brief overview of R, we will delve into programming.

DDLS Population genomics in practice

2023-11-06 to 2023-11-10 (5 days)
Deadline 2023-09-30
More infoThe aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction to commonly used methods in population genomics. As the focus of the course is on hands-on work, the topics have been designed to cover the fundamental analyses that are common in many population genomics studies. The course consists of lectures and exercises, with a focus on the practical aspects of analyses. Whereas lectures introduce some background theory, their primary aim is to set the stage for accompanying exercises.

Introduction to bioinformatics using NGS data

2023-11-13 to 2023-11-17 (5 days)
Deadline 2023-10-04
More infoThis intense one-week workshop provides an introduction to the analysis of next generation sequencing data. Lectures on the theory of concepts will be paired with practical computational exercises in the Linux environment. The practical exercises will focus on data from the Illumina platform, but we will discuss other sequencing platforms and the advantages and challenges to using their data during the lectures.

NBIS/ELIXIR-SE Tools for Reproducible research

2023-11-20 to 2023-11-24 (5 days)
Deadline 2023-10-20
More infoThe term “reproducible research” has been used to describe the idea that a scientific publication based on computational analysis should be distributed along with all the raw data and metadata used in the study, all the code and/or computational notebooks needed to produce results from the raw data, and the computational environment or a complete description thereof. This course aims to help researchers make their computational analysis more reproducible.

Snakemake BYOC (bring-your-own-code) workshop

2023-12-04 to 2023-12-06 (3 days)
Deadline 2023-10-29
More infoThe NBIS Tools for reproducible research course is held twice a year and provides an introduction into Snakemake and a tutorial to learn how to use Snakemake. This Snakemake BYOC (bring-your-own-code) workshop provides a follow-up to that introduction. Here, participants will get support from experienced bioinformaticians to A) convert their data analysis from a programming language such as bash, R or python into a Snakemake workflow, or B) apply more advanced techniques to their existing Snakemake workflows.