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NBIS support services cover the full range of the life science communities bioinformatics needs, from guidance to long-term engagement.

Select the option that best suits your needs.


Are consultations free?

Yes, anyone can get up to 3 hours of free consultation!

Is there a queue to get support from NBIS?

NBIS always strives to start your project as soon as possible, however the start time depends on what kind of support you need.

For "User fee based support" you get help as soon as someone from NBIS with the right expertise has the time to help you.

For "Peer review based support" there are three calls per year and a selection process, read more here.

If NBIS helps with my research, how should they be acknowledged?

NBIS staff are encouraged to be co-authors when this is merited in accordance to the ethical recommendations for authorship, e.g. ICMJE recommendations.

In other cases, NBIS would be grateful if support by us is acknowledged in publications according to this example:"Support by NBIS (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden) is gratefully acknowledged."