Computational resources


For large-scale or sensitive compute and storage needs, NBIS recommends using resources funded by the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS). Specialised systems for bioinformatics-related projects, including projects involving sensitive personal data, are provided by Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX), besides which NAISS also funds general-purpose HPC systems and a system dedicated to AI/ML research. Moreover, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW) funds the Berzelius system for AI/ML-related research.

NBIS provides GPU compute resources for leading edge AI researchers in Swedish medical imaging diagnostics, in the form of the AIDA Data Hub DGX-2 Service. For more information and instruction for access:

AIDA Data Hub DGX-2 Service - Read more and Apply for access


NBIS works to improve the productivity of life science researchers using nationally available compute and storage resources, especially the NAISS-funded systems at UPPMAX and AIDA Data Hub. We will gladly help researchers find and apply for the resources they need.

By providing a ready environment for life science data analysis on powerful compute resources, we make these resources more accessible to a wider range of researchers. Our goal is that all scientists that could benefit from large-scale compute and storage systems can do so with minimal effort and maximum scientific output. In this way, NBIS ensures the life science community’s needs for a well-maintained software environment, support and training on national e-infrastructures for compute and storage.

Our staff:

  • Answers requests that come through UPPMAX support
  • Works directly with NAISS resource allocations and project proposals
  • Maintains the software library
  • Provides training

To apply for this service, contact UPPMAX support.