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The NBIS Bioinformatics Support Peer Review track (WABI) strives to enable excellent and Data-Driven Life Science, by ensuring that peer-reviewed research projects have access to advanced bioinformatics and data science competence. This support has been enabled by the SciLifeLab & Wallenberg Data Driven Life Science Program and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The idea is simple: A senior bioinformatician will work in your project 500 hours for free! Hands-on involvement by the applying research group is required to ensure efficient knowledge transfer.

Applications for NBIS Peer Review Bioinformatics Support track are evaluated approximately every 4th month. The deadline for the next regular round of applications is Thursday the 10th of October 2024 (23:59). Note! Only 1 application per principal investigator/group leader per application round is allowed in these calls.

Update (240603)! We are now opening an extra "bonus" round of applications only for Cryo-EM projects, deadline August 30! Please use the Cryo-EM application form and Data Sheet below, we are looking forward to your proposals!

Instructions and information about NBIS Peer Review Bioinformatics Support track (Please read this before submission)

Application form (To be attached to your submission as a PDF below.)

Data sheet (To be attached to your submission as an Excel-file below)

As of 2023, this support track is also open to projects involving cryo-EM and cryo-ET applications (potentially combined with other structural biology and structure prediction methods). For such projects, please use the specific Application Form and Data Sheet below:

Application form cryo-EM/ET, Data sheet cryo-EM/ET

Please note that for supported projects, the project title, PI name and institution will be included in reports to NBIS funders and shown on the NBIS website.

This information helps us categorize your application and enables us to match it with our expertise.

This information provides statistics on applied and granted projects to our funders.

This information is needed for us to contact you.

The Proposals Evaluation Committee will review your application based on the uploaded application form in PDF format and the uploaded data sheet in Excel format.

Please see the introductory section above for links to the application form and data sheet templates.

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