Bio- and medical imaging

We provide the support and training you need to perform state-of-the-art analyses on your image data. Our experts can help you deploy computational methods using computer vision, machine learning, and bioinformatics to analyze your images. Whether you are looking for training on how to use existing software solutions or help developing a custom workflow, we can help you get your analysis running.

Image analysis workflows

Projects requiring guidance on image analysis assay development, including image processing algorithm development and software engineering to address challenging project goals. This includes the selection of software tools, scripting and parameter optimization, as well as customized (open source) tool development and help to get your analysis running.

Learning-based image analysis

Projects making use of artificial intelligence (AI), including deep learning and deep convolutional neural networks. We provide advice on how to optimize data collection for learning-based solutions methods and advice on use of annotation tools for creating training data. We also develop models and pipelines making use of computational clusters available to the scientific community, and provide end-to-end software solutions.

Large-scale image analysis

Projects requiring advice on best-practice and guidance on high throughput/large-scale image processing, either running on a local machine, or using computing clusters, data transfer and storage during the activity of the project. This includes guidance on large-scale data analysis, visualization, and data publication, such as web-based sharing of large dataset and interactive visualization with TissUUmaps (

Sensitive image data

We can help you with analysis and AI development for sensitive image data for medical diagnostics and support for getting access to computational resources for sensitive data (such as the AIDA Data Hub or NAISS SENS).

You can contact us by signing up for our monthly Call4Help at or fill in the consultancy form further down on this web page. If your project contains sensitive data, please specify that in the description. Example projects can be found at

Please note that for supported projects, the project title, PI name and institution will be included in reports to NBIS funders and shown on the NBIS website.

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