International Collaborations

NBIS is very actively engaged in Nordic, European and other international efforts to shape the bioinformatics landscape to best meet current and future challenges.

ELIXIR is the European infrastructure for biological information with currently 22 countries and more to join the coming years. Sweden is one of the founding members, and NBIS constitutes the Swedish node. In many of the international collaborations, we participate as an ELIXIR node. Sweden is very active, e.g. with Human Protein Atlas (HPA), now an ELIXIR Core Data Resource, reflecting its fundamental importance to the life-science community and long-term data preservation.

We participate in several EU funded projects. For example, to support the European 1+ Million Genomes Initiative, we co-lead the infrastructure efforts through the connected projects B1MG (Beyond 1 Million Genomes) 2020–2023, where we lead the technical recommendations for the infrastructure, and in GDI (European Genomic Data Infrastructure) 2023–2027, where we lead the development of the infrastructure based on the findings.

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Examples of engagements through ELIXIR:

  • Research Data Management Community
  • Federated Human Data Community
  • Biodiversity Community
  • Training events
  • Human Protein Atlas
  • Metabolic Atlas
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A Nordic federated solution for secure and authorised handling and analysis of genomic data.

  • Tryggve 2014–2017
  • Tryggve2 2017–2020
  • Heilsa Tryggvedottir 2021–2024

EU projects

NBIS is currently involved in 9 projects funded by EU:

  • ELIXIR-CONVERGE for data management 2020–2023
  • EJP-RD (European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases) 2019–2024
  • B1MG (Beyond 1 Million Genomes) 2020–2023
  • Bigpicture (infrastructure for digital pathology) 2021–2027
  • BGE (Biodiversity Genomics Europe) 2022–2026
  • GDI (European Genomic Data Infrastructure) 2022–2026
  • EUCAIM (European infrastructure for cancer imaging data) 2023–2026
  • EHDS2 Pilot (European Health Data Space) 2022–2024
  • PHENET (solutions for agroechology) 2023–2027