Support - help with analyses

We offer support for SEK800 per hour. These hours are not tied to specific days/weeks but can be spread out over several months if necessary. We only count time when the expert is actively working with your project (including meetings), not when the analyses are running in the computer. Only available if you already have data (e.g., NGS-sequences, mass-spec data etc.).

The support we offer will be based on your needs. If you want to run the analyses yourself but need help to get started, we can give expert advice on best practices and suggest tools for you. We can be there as a discussion partner for your whole project if you like.

We can also do all the bioinformatic analyses for you and deliver the final results to you. This is our most common type of support.

We have deadlines for support-applications every second week, currently set to Sundays even weeks (week 2, 4, 6 etc.). After the deadline, NBIS-coordinators will look at the applications and get back with an answer to you in the week that follows. We make no scientific ranking of the projects, but select projects based on availability of expertise in NBIS, feasibility of the project, and completeness of the support request. If you have already had a consultation meeting with NBIS, this weighs in your favor.

Once decisions are taken, the coordinator will contact you and tell you which expert has been assigned to your project. You will then need to sign a document where you agree to a maximum number of hours you are willing to pay. This needs to be done before the support starts. The expert will then take over the communication and it is up to the two of you how you want the support to proceed.

Please apply using the NBIS Support Request Form.