Working with human data

NBIS support projects frequently concerns omics (and other) data derived from humans. Such data are typically legally considered to be special category data (often called “sensitive personal data”), and there are specific laws and regulations for how such data should be handled.

Below are guidelines as well as further information on legal considerations when working with human biomedical data.

Principal Investigators
Guidelines for PIs of projects using sensitive personal data
NBIS staff
Guidelines for NBIS staff regarding working with sensitive personal data.
Legal reference
The reasoning behind these guidelines and references to relevant sections of the legislation
Processing agreements
List of general processing agreements that have been established between NBIS/Uppsala University and other universities and institutes

Disclaimer! The PI, as well as everyone with access to sensitive personal data, is responsible for following current laws and regulations. NBIS will not assume legal responsibility for advice provided in these guidelines.

Further questions

If you have further questions regarding sensitive personal data, you are welcome to contact the NBIS data manager (