Launch of SciLifeLab Training Hub

Training is an established pillar in NBIS and SciLifeLab have now launched its Training Hub, which is an initiative led by NBIS colleagues Jessica Lindvall, Head of Training, and Nina Norgren, Training manager. The SciLifeLab Training Hub is designed to offer comprehensive training and support to the research community and to provide a one-stop-shop for researchers looking to develop new skills, stay current with the latest technologies, and improve their overall research capabilities. NBIS is excited by this initiative as it will strengthen the Training delivered from the Platforms in addition to being proud that SciLifeLab recognises and is eager to scale the work done on advanced training in NBIS to other infrastructures across the SciLifeLab ecosystem.

The launch of the SciLifeLab Training Hub marks a significant step forward in the research infrastructure’s commitment to supporting the research community. By empowering platforms to offer their own courses, the aim is to have SciLifeLab become a leading resource for the research community seeking to improve their skills and advance their careers.

If this sounds interesting, the Training Hub is currently hiring 1-2 open and empathic Scientific Training Officers. The Training Hub is happy to be contacted for general queries regarding the positions and the scope in general (

Deadline for the positions is 20th of March 2023.
Apply here

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