SciLifeLab launches Research Data Management (RDM) Guidelines portal

On 29th September, SciLifeLab Research Data Management (RDM) Guidelines web portal was launched. The portal, developed and maintained by SciLifeLab Data Centre in collaboration with NBIS, will serve as a knowledge hub for the management of life science research data in Sweden. It will provide guidance on best practices for each phase of the research data life cycle, on adherence to the FAIR principles, on how to make your data as open as possible, and how to maximise the research impact of data. The information will be specifically tailored to apply to life science data from the Swedish research perspective. Specific hands-on support will also be available to all those affiliated with a Swedish research institution via a dedicated Helpdesk. Over time, the portal will be expanded to include additional sections and community-driven content, in order to continue to ensure that it remains to serve its users well.

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Visit the SciLifeLab RDM Guidelines portal at