Open position: Research engineer in Data sharing at the AIDA Data Hub

AIDA Data Hub (part of NBIS) is seeking devops engineers to work with national and international systems for medical imaging AI and other sensitive personal data for research.

The AIDA arena facilitates collaboration between national stakeholders in medical imaging AI, to accelerate development and use of world leading AI tools. A crucial requirement for success is access to massive amounts of well-organized training data, which in the case of AIDA is referring to medical images and related clinical data. The AIDA Data Hub works to increase availability of such data, by engaging with caregivers to facilitate data extraction for research, and with leading research groups to facilitate data sharing and reuse, and with decision makers to develop clear guidelines and best practices to facilitate ethical and legal data sharing and scientific activities. AIDA and the AIDA Data Hub are under rapid expansion, with strong synergies with developments in European flagship projects in medical imaging and AI.

The research engineer will be central for running and developing the data hub operations. A key duty is to make the data services attractive and effective for AI researchers, through operation of secure and reliable services for sharing of medical data for research, and in managing agreement processes with a diverse range of stakeholders both in extension of the AIDA network and in data sharing between research groups and healthcare organizations. Organization of workshops and other events that strengthen the effectiveness of the AIDA collaboration arena will also be part of the core work tasks. The duties include addressing challenges of many types, primarily technical, but also legal questions and integrity considerations.

More information and application instructions here.

Application deadline: 2022-10-03