Open positions: 1–2 Bioinformaticians in genome assembly

NBIS is now looking for a new member to support Swedish and international genome projects on non-model organisms. Part of the work will be done in collaboration with large international reference genome projects such as the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA). We can expect a wide range of organisms to work on in these collaborations. The person will also be working within our short-term support, where we see a wide variety of different projects coming in from many different fields in biology and medicine. Our bioinformaticians are assigned to these projects depending on areas of expertise. NBIS support needs to continuously change and adapt to the current needs of the Swedish research community, and a willingness and ability to learn is a highly desirable quality for this position.

The position is placed at Uppsala University in the creative environment of the SciLifeLab Uppsala node “The Hub”. Here more than 60 NBIS bioinformaticians, developers, and data stewards are working together, in close proximity of other SciLifeLab facilities and many different research groups. In NBIS you will not be working in isolation, you will be a part of a team. With plenty of colleagues to bounce ideas and share knowledge with, as well as possibilities to participate in internal courses and of course learning from all the exciting support projects, NBIS is a place to grow as a bioinformatician.

Application deadline: 15 August, 2022.

Further information and application at the Uppsala University website