Open positions: Bioinformaticians in comparative and evolutionary genomics

NBIS is now looking for a new member to support Swedish research in evolutionary, comparative, and population genomics, with a particular focus on conifer genomics.

Your tasks will consist of:

Data analysis within research projects is the primary task and will be carried out in collaboration with research groups at Swedish universities or industry. This work can range from shorter analysis tasks to deep collaborations within large nationally prioritized projects, where you would have the overall responsibility for the bioinformatics aspects. Your work will include data analysis and scientific deduction at an internationally competitive level regarding evolutionary processes such as positive/negative/diversifying/balancing selection, gene family contraction/expansion, recombination and gene conversion, evolution of repeat content and genome size, polyploidy and whole-genome duplications, and the genomic architecture of sex. It is expected that you can efficiently utilize both annotated genome assemblies and whole-genome resequencing data to analyze within and between species variation.

Application deadline: 15 August, 2022.

Further information and application at the Uppsala University website