Call for candidates: Senior experts at data science excellence center in medical imaging

The medical imaging AI sector is exploding. Due to overwhelming success, we have a need for several senior experts at and around LiU/CMIV/AIDA Data Hub/BIGPICTURE, with competence in for example these areas:

To a large extent, the technical building blocks needed are available. These roles are expected to - using a deep technical understanding - address the strategic design challenges regarding technical systems, organizations, and workflows, to set a new standard for use of medical data in computer science research.

At a personal level, candidates for these positions are required to have high social competence and a pragmatic mindset. They must have an ability to deal with highly complex problems and a wide range of tasks. A can-do attitude is important, as well as an enthusiasm for quickly learning.

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities if you feel that you have what it takes to help us keep growing!

More information here: