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One of the national services offered by NBIS/SciLifeLab is Bioinformatics Long-Term support (a.k.a. WABI) providing analysis competence in next generation sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics and other large-scale data. We offer a senior bioinformatician to work in your project for up to 500 hours. The support is fully subsidized and free of charge, but extensive hands-on involvement is required by the applying research groups. To apply for support, you need to submit a small application about your project. More information along with the application form is found at the online submission here:

Projects are selected based on their scientific quality. The deadline for the next round of applications to be reviewed by the national evaluation committee is FRIDAY JANUARY 31, 2020 (24:00)


  1. Please note that the applications should be complemented with a Data Sheet, so that power, replicates, matching of samples and potential batch effects can be properly evaluated.
  2. Please note that the involvement in the data analysis is explicitly stated, so that at least 50% working time devoted to data analysis over 12 months by a scientist in the group of the applicant (or co-applicant) is required for support.

Applications are welcome for projects

Current and past projects are found here.

The decision on what projects get support in this call will be taken within two months from the application deadline. Typically, about 5-10 projects are granted support in each application round. In addition to the regular projects, we also aim to grant support to an additional 1-3 projects with a clear focus on data integration, which can be subject to more extensive method development support. Beside scientific merits, these projects preferably combine multiple omics technologies and include methodological challenges of general interest.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Bioinformatics Long-Term Support directly at Also note that the NBIS platform provides bioinformatics support in several different tracks as outlined here.

We appreciate your help in spreading this information, and we are looking forward to your application!

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