Open positions: advanced bioinformatics support

NBIS is now looking for 1–2 staff scientists to join the Bioinformatics Long-Term Support team (a.k.a. WABI), which currently comprises 24 senior bioinformaticians located at SciLifeLab nodes across Sweden. The new positions will be placed at SciLifeLab Stockholm, located at the research campus of Karolinska Institutet in northern Stockholm.

The Bioinformatics Long-Term Support team provides advanced bioinformatics analyses to some of the most scientifically exciting projects across Sweden. Launched in the beginning of 2013, the team now constitutes one of the strongest units in Sweden for analysis of large-scale genomics and related “omics” data. Examples of supported scientific areas range from complex diseases to evolutionary and environmental research.

We are looking for candidates experienced in advanced analyses in areas such as:

Strong skills in experimental design and software development are also beneficial. “Reproducible research” and “FAIR data” are central concepts to us. You must have fluent oral and written communication skills in English, as well as strong skills in cooperation and communication. Postdoctoral studies are a strong merit but not a requirement.

Further information and instructions for applicants.

Application Deadline: Dec 14 2016

You are welcome to apply!