PRECOG phenomics pipeline released


In the functional genomics field, high-throughput phenotyping - phenomics - is critical to be able to systematically and efficiently map genotypes to phenotypes. To add to this effort, NBIS has contributed to the development of an automated analysis pipeline called PRECOG. PRECOG is a tool developed to automate visualization, quality control, analysis and exploration of complex and highly time-resolved microbial growth data. Most importantly, the tool allows standardised extraction of the fitness components growth lag, growth rate and growth efficiency, which will foster consistent analysis of phenotypic traits between different laboratories. PRECOG will thus promote simplicity, transparency and standardization in microbial growth phenomics, and provide a portal with the standalone software a web-tool and an API so that microbiology laboratories can easily upload, assess and visualize their growth data.

Read more in the BMC Bioinformatics paper.

The PRECOG portal can be found at