Tomas Larsson

Tomas Larsson NBIS expert

assembly, annotation, comparative genomics
phone +46(0)728651794

Tomas has a PhD in pharmacology from the Department of Neuroscience at Uppsala University where he worked on gene family evolution and large-scale genome duplication events in vertebrate model organisms, with a special focus on genes involved in the regulation of food intake. Thereafter, he did a postdoc at EMBL in Heidelberg, mainly working with assembly and annotation of model organisms in developmental biology, before moving back to Sweden to work as a researcher in marine genomics at University of Gothenburg. He has several years of experience with comparative genomics, genome and transcriptome assembly and annotation in various organisms.

He joined NBIS in 2019 as part of the bioinformatics long term support team, now mainly working with assembly and annotation of large plant genomes.