Tom van der Valk

Tom van der Valk NBIS expert

population genomics, convervation genomics, python
phone +46 (0)72 280 88 48

Tom has a experience in population and conservation genomics. He obtained his PhD (2019) in Animal Ecology on the genomic consequences of rapid population declines in a range of endangered mammals. After his PhD, Tom did a postdoc at the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm, studying the origin and extinction of woolly mammoths using ancient DNA. At SciLife, Tom is part of the Bioinformatics Long-Term Support facility, working on developing pipelines for the analysis and interpretation of large scale population genomic datasets.

Selected publications

Valk, T. van der, Dı́ez-Del-Molino David, Marques-Bonet, T., Guschanski, K., and Dalén, L. (2019) Historical Genomes Reveal the Genomic Consequences of Recent Population Decline in Eastern Gorillas. Curr. Biol., 29, 165–170.e6.

Valk, T. van der, Gonda, C. M., Silegowa, H., Almanza, S., Sifuentes-Romero, I., Hart, T. B., Hart, J. A., Detwiler, K. M., and Guschanski, K. (2020) The Genome of the Endangered Dryas Monkey Provides New Insights into the Evolutionary History of the Vervets. Mol. Biol. Evol., 37, 183–194.

Valk, T. van der, Sandoval-Castellanos, E., Caillaud, D., Ngobobo, U., Binyinyi, E., Nishuli, R., Stoinski, T., Gilissen, E., Sonet, G., Semal, P., Kalthoff, D. C., Dalén, L., and Guschanski, K. (2018) Significant loss of mitochondrial diversity within the last century due to extinction of peripheral populations in eastern gorillas. Sci. Rep., 8, 6551.