Stefan Fleischmann

Stefan Fleischmann System Administrator

system administration, GNU/Linux, virtualization, LXC/LXD, MAAS, Ansible, Salt

I received a BSc degree in physics from Paderborn University, Germany. In my thesis I used numerical simulations to explore the phenomenon of light-induced currents in semiconductor nanostructures.

Early on at university I got interested in the GNU/Linux operating system and started working with system administration alongside my studies. Since then I enjoyed gaining experience in server maintenance, virtualization, automation tools, high performance computing and storage technologies. I also have a strong interest in HPC hardware (e.g. new processors / accelerators), programming and, last but not least, theoretical physics. In my spare time I pursue a MSc degree in physics at KTH.

At NBIS I work with general server maintenance, setting up infrastructure services and projects such as compute cluster setup. Currently I split my time between NBIS and the Cryo-EM National Facility.