Shreyas Shivakumara

Shreyas Shivakumara Research Engineer

Sensitive data, AI, Systems development, Cloud Computing, Python
phone +46 (0)31 28 24 12

Shreyas Shivakumara earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Uppsala University in 2021. His Master Thesis aimed at “Image Processing in MRI Guided Real-time Adaptive Radiotherapy - Up-sampling and segmentation of target volume and organs at risk”. Thereafter, Shreyas has taken up a position as a “Research Engineer” at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) at Linköping University.

Shreyas works for the infrastructure development in BIGPICTURE effort, establishing a Petabyte AI platform for European digital pathology. Shreyas is also part of AIDA Data hub, a collaboration arena supporting research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical imaging diagnostics at CMIV.