Sergiu Netotea

Sergiu Netotea NBIS expert

systems biology, network analysis, machine learning, cloud computing
phone +46 702836306

Sergiu has a mixed field background, mixing mathematics with programming and a few subfields of bioinformatics. He did a PhD in Szeged, Hungary working on several projects: biological network evolution, protein complex assembly, simulating multi-species bacterial colonies signalling and hydrodynamics, protein domain recognition server (now part of PRIDE). After his PhD he spent some time in Phoenix, Arizona working in human genome data compression and a postdoc in Umeå, Sweden working in plant co-expression network alignment, co-regulation and co-expression in cyanobacteria, metabolic flux analysis, PLS based integrative omics and SNP calling in larger clinical cohorts.

At NBIS he is doing research and support in various fields, such as metagenomics, resequencing and integrative ‘omics. He is also involved in development for projects such as the Human Metabolic Atlas, and several pipelines (metagenomics, genomic structural variations, etc) and is interested in the intersection of machine learning, cloud computing, web development, dynamical systems and agent based modeling with biology.

Sergiu holds a popular course of andvanced Python for data science in Bioinformatics, with a special focus for machine learning and distributed computing. Check with NBIS or SciLifeLab for an updated schedule.

Some of the tools he authored can be found online: