Roy Francis

Roy Francis NBIS expert

experimental design, transcriptomics, RNA-seq, sRNA-seq, scRNA-seq, SNPs, GATK variant-calling, R programming, data visualisation

Roy received his PhD in Agroecology from Aarhus University, Denmark. During his PhD, he worked on diagnostics and transmission of viruses in the European honey bee using molecular techniques such as qPCR. He then worked on population structure and spatial genetics of honey bees as a research associate. He did a post-doc at Uppsala University, Sweden working on ‘Consequences of haploid selection in Zebrafish’. This work included confocal microscopy, image analysis, flow cytometry, library prep and RNA-Seq analysis on experimentally selected fish.

At NBIS, Roy is involved with short-term bioinformatics support for next generation sequencing projects (bulk RNA-seq, small RNA-seq and single-cell RNA-seq), advice on project planning, experimental design and teaching on courses.