Richèl Bilderbeek

Richèl Bilderbeek NBIS application expert

UPPMAX, SciLifeLab, SCoRe, Nextflow, C++, R, Singularity, Open Science, Reproducible research, Training
phone 079 359 94 17

Richèl is part of the Support for Computational Resources (SCoRe) unit, where he is an Application Expert with experience in, among others, C++, R, GNU make, Singularity and Nextflow. During his PhD and postdoc, he discovered a preference Open Science, with a focus on computational research (also with sensitive data on HPC platforms) being reproducible. After an MSc in education, he was a teacher for two years. Due to an academic career, formal teaching was replaced by being a voluntary course coordinator in electronics and programming. Nowadays, you can also find him as a trainer in NBIS courses.

Selected publications

Johansson, M. (2001) Great Biological Discovery! Nat. Genet.