Rasool Saghaleyni

Rasool Saghaleyni NBIS expert

computational biology


I am a bioinformatician trained in several disciplines, including molecular biology, mathematics, and computer sciences. During the course of my academic research, I worked on the analyses of different omics datasets, starting from raw data to modeling biological processes using integrative omics approaches, and visualizing complex relationships. What excites me the most about applying multi-omics and taking data-driven approaches is the quality and value of the extracted info, which otherwise is being missed in single-layer omics analysis. Being passionate about integrative omics approaches, I am looking for projects to apply multi-omics analysis approaches to answer complex biological questions. I summarize my scientific interests as follows:

  • Precision medicine through omics analysis for biomarkers and drug targets discovery.
  • Developing computational platforms for integrative omics analysis.
  • Cell-line optimization via Systems-Biology-based approaches to improve quality and quantity of biotherapeutics production.