Nikolay Oskolkov

Nikolay Oskolkov NBIS expert

genomics, transcriptomics, statistical analysis
phone +46 761 463349

Nikolay has PhDs in Soft Matter Theoretical Physics and Statistical Physics, 2007, University of Ulm and Moscow State University. He had postdocs in Lund University, University of North Carolina, Technical University of Denmark during 2007-2012. In 2012 he switched to Biomedicine and worked as a bioinformatician at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University doing Diabetes Genetics research until 2016 when he joined NBIS as part of the bioinformatics long term support team. Nikolay has extensive experience working with genomics (WGS, WES, genotyping array), transcriptomics (microarray, RNAseq) and methylation (methylation array) data. His research interests include human medical genetics (diabetes), biostatistical analysis (GWAS, eQTL, sQTL, DGE, DEU), evolutionary science (selection scans, Neanderthal, apes, ancient DNA etc.), computer simulation (molecular dynamics, Monte-Carlo) of molecular interactions, soft matter theory (mean field, random phase approximation, density functional theory, elastic-continuum theory, scaling etc.). Nikolay has programming experience with C/C++, R, bash, Perl, Maple and Matlab.

Selected publications

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