Niclas Jareborg

Niclas Jareborg Data Manager

data management, agile project management, lean, informatics, programming
phone +46 (0)733-866605

Niclas mission as Data Manager at NBIS is to enable for Swedish Life Science researchers to adhere to the Swedish Research Council’s (VR) Proposal for National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information. This involves quite diverse activities such as establishing workflows to submit research data to international domain-specific repositories (e.g. ENA and ArrayExpress), working on data handling agreements for human data, helping researchers with constructing Data Management Plans, etc etc. Any aspect of handling research data is something he (tries to) provide support for.

Niclas got a PhD in Microbiology (Bovine Papillomavirus molecular biology) a long time ago, after which he realized that it would be better for mankind and his own sanity if he stayed away from the lab. After working as a bioinformatics teacher and doing a postdoc at the Sanger Centre (now Sanger Institute), he moved into the corporate world at AstraZeneca, where he stayed for 11 years. At AstraZeneca he has worked with (bio)informatics, Lean, project management and people management. After AstraZeneca closed down their research facility in Södertälje, Niclas worked with process improvement at the National Genomics Infrastructure, before taking on the role of Data Manager at NBIS.