Nanjiang Shu

Nanjiang Shu Deputy Head of System Development

Protein bioinformatics, Protein structure prediction, Machine learning, Web-server development, Cloud computing

Nanjiang Shu got his PhD in Structural Chemistry from Stockholm University at 2010, majoring in protein structure prediction. Thereafter, he worked as a postdoc at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University. During the postdoc, he dedicated to method development of multiple sequence alignment, membrane topology prediction and study of membrane protein topology evolution.

Nanjiang Shu joined BILS in 2014, first as a bioinformatician and then as a system developer He has been working on the development of a number of protein structure prediction methods and web-tools based on cloud computing. He has also involved in the NeIC tryggve project for the the development of Federated EGA

Selected publications

Shu, N., Zhou, T., and Hovmöller, S. (2008) Prediction of zinc-binding sites in proteins from sequence. Bioinformatics, 24, 775–782.

Tsirigos, K. D., Peters, C., Shu, N., Käll, L., and Elofsson, A. (2015) The TOPCONS web server for consensus prediction of membrane protein topology and signal peptides. Nucleic acids research, 43, W401–W407.

Shu, N. and Elofsson, A. (2011) KalignP: Improved multiple sequence alignments using position specific gap penalties in Kalign2. Bioinformatics, 27, 1702–1703.

Hayat, S., Peters, C., Shu, N., Tsirigos, K. D., and Elofsson, A. (2016) Inclusion of dyad-repeat pattern improves topology prediction of transmembrane β-barrel proteins. Bioinformatics, 32, 1571–1573.

Uziela, K., Menendez Hurtado, D., Shu, N., Wallner, B., and Elofsson, A. (2017) ProQ3D: improved model quality assessments using deep learning. Bioinformatics, 33, 1578–1580.

Salvatore, M., Warholm, P., Shu, N., Basile, W., and Elofsson, A. (2017) SubCons: a new ensemble method for improved human subcellular localization predictions. Bioinformatics, 33, 2464–2470.