Mihail Anton

Mihail Anton NBIS expert

system development


Having a background in software development and computer science enabled me to purse a growing scientific interest in protein structures and surfaces, which materialized in working for a research project, and later in my master’s thesis. My scientific interest has expanded to include systems biology when I started working in the space of genome-scale metabolic models. Currently, my main activities are to project manage and lead the development of Metabolic Atlas with Vue.js, Neo4j, Docker, GitHub and Jira.

I am enthusiastic about hard problems, so I often get involved in various projects by providing support to researchers, for example by architecting automated systems. I enjoy enabling people to do things that were perceived as impossible, which often implies guiding people though a tech labyrinth or breaking down technological barriers.

It comes natural to me to identify needs and shape them into a vision, for which I engage others. The ideation and innovation bits of this process excite me, and I love sharing this.