Marcin Kierczak

Marcin Kierczak NBIS expert

genmics, GWAS, GxG and GxE interactions, machine learning, linear mixed models, R programming, data visualisation, population genomics, eDNA
phone +46 18 - 471 66 93

Marcin has studied Molecular Biology and Mathematics/Computer Science at the University of Warsaw and at the Uppsala University. He received his PhD in Bioinformatics from Uppsala University. His doctoral studies have focused on using machine learning to model HIV resistance to drugs and in applications of ML to proteomics. In 2010 he has joined the Computational Biology Group led by prof. Orjan Carlborg at SLU. He worked on modelling epistatic interactions and developing methods for genome-wide studies. Next, he returned to Uppsala University to join the group led by prof. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh where he worked on canine genetics and computational genetics. Marcin is interested in ML models, feature selection, linear mixed models and data visualisation. Recently, he has been fond of population genomics and analyses of eDNA. He is using and teaching R and data visualisation.