Mahesh Binzer-Panchal

Mahesh Binzer-Panchal NBIS expert

genome assembly, transcriptome assembly, metagenomic assembly, variant calling, amplicon analysis, Nextflow, shell scripting, perl, groovy, java, R

I have a background in Computer Science and Mathematics from Imperial College London. I then went on do to my PhD on the Automation of Nested Clade Phylogeographic Analysis at Reading University. I then pursued postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute in Plön, Germany, working on Bioinformatics related to lake-river adaptation and host-parasite coevolution in three-spined stickleback. My research included working with various NGS data, doing de novo assembly, resequencing studies, transcriptomic studies, and metagenomic studies.

I currently specialise in de novo genome assembly in the NBIS genomic assembly group, from quality control to filtering and assembly, and then assembly validation. I also specialise in writing and supporting Nextflow workflows, and teaching both these subject areas.

Selected publications

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