Louella Vasquez

Louella Vasquez NBIS expert

Genomics, Epigenetics, Integrative omics, Genetic association studies, Statistical analysis


Louella has a Phd in Physics from the University of Warwick in the UK. She then joined the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Postdoc in the human genetics department and eventually held a Staff Scientist position. She has also worked in a Cambridge liquid biopsy diagnostics company as a Senior Data Scientist.

Over the years, she has been analysing multiomics data (transcriptomics, ChIPseq, DNA methylation, WGS) and integrating genetics to genomics in human complex traits and diseases. Her passion is to understand molecular pathways that could explain disease mechanism with the aim to identify biomarkers for potential therapeutic targets. She is also interested in gene regulatory pathways that are crucial for stem cell development towards lineage specification.

Louella joined the NBIS Long Term Support in February 2020 and is largely involved in multiomics projects.

Selected publications

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