John Sundh

John Sundh NBIS expert

metagenomics, bacterial genomics, cyanobacteria
phone +46 731 013 050

John Sundh has a PhD in molecular biology with an emphasis on comparative genomics and cyanobacteria from Stockholm University. As a postdoc John has been working with several metagenomic projects primarily focusing on Baltic Sea aquatic microbial communities. John’s main interest areas include metagenomic assembly and annotation, functional adaptations, genome binning, phylogenetic analyses and cellular transporter systems. He is currently developing a snakemake workflow for metagenomic projects.

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Selected publications

Celepli, N., Sundh, J., Ekman, M., Dupont, C. L., Yooseph, S., Bergman, B., and Ininbergs, K. (2017) Meta-omic analyses of Baltic Sea cyanobacteria: diversity, community structure and salt acclimation. Environmental microbiology, 19, 673–686.

Hugerth, L. W., Larsson, J., Alneberg, J., Lindh, M. V., Legrand, C., Pinhassi, J., and Andersson, A. F. (2015) Metagenome-assembled genomes uncover a global brackish microbiome. Genome biology, 16, 279.

Larsson, J., Celepli, N., Ininbergs, K., Dupont, C. L., Yooseph, S., Bergman, B., and Ekman, M. (2014) Picocyanobacteria containing a novel pigment gene cluster dominate the brackish water Baltic Sea. The ISME journal, 8, 1892–1903.

Dupont, C. L., Larsson, J., Yooseph, S., Ininbergs, K., Goll, J., Asplund-Samuelsson, J., McCrow, J. P., Celepli, N., Allen, L. Z., Ekman, M., and others (2014) Functional tradeoffs underpin salinity-driven divergence in microbial community composition. PLoS One, 9, e89549.