Johan Reimegård

Johan Reimegård NBIS expert

de novo RNA assembly, RNAseq, RNA structure analysis, Allele specific expression, non-coding RNA, miRNA, sRNA, education
phone +46 (0)18 471 44 13

Johan has a genuine interest in RNA and during his graduate studies he was involved in developing tools to identify functional non-coding RNAs and their targets. During the last year of his studies he started to work with RNA-seq data and integrate that with the tools developed earlier. After that he did a post-doc trying to answer what are the genes involved in cone setting in spruce by analysing RNA-seq data. At the same time he studied why some neighbouring gene on the chromosomes have the same expression pattern.

Johan has been an expert at the Bioinformatics Long-Term Support facility since it started in 2013. He has during his time their been involved in projects analysing coding and non coding RNA and how they affect each other in bacteria, plants and various mammals. He is also responsible for which courses the Long-Term Support provides to the scientific community.

At NBIS, Johan is an expert in the Bioinformatics Long-Term Support (WABI) team.