Johan Nylander

Johan Nylander NBIS expert

evolutionary sequence analysis, phylogenetics, phylogenomics

Johan will provide national support for evolutionary sequence analysis, phylogenetics and phylogenomics.

After a PhD in Systematic Zoology, with emphasis on methods for phylogenetic inference and models of molecular evolution, Johan did a Post doc at Florida State University, USA, and has since then been working as a bioinformatician at the Department of Botany, Stockholm University, and at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway. Johan has worked with many aspects of evolutionary data analysis, and areas where he can be of assistance includes the application and methods for phylogenetic inference, analysis of character/trait evolution, sequence alignment, historical biogeography, molecular dating, model selection and model averaging, applications of Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, methods and strategies for large-scale phylogenetic analyses (“phylogenomics”), and diversity analyses from metagenomic data.

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