Jason Anthony Hill

Jason Anthony Hill NBIS expert

evolution, genomics, variation analysis, population genetics, structural biology


Jason Hill earned his PhD in molecular biotechnology at Stanford University, U.S.A., where he focused on butterfly population genetics, enzyme kinetics, and x-ray crystallography. He has done postdocs in Sweden where he studied the population genetics and evolution of butterflies, fish, birds, and viruses.

Jason joined the NBIS Evolution and Biodiversity support team in 2022.

His main research interest focuses on molecular evolution, genomics, connecting genetic variation -> structure -> function -> selection.

He is located at SciLifeLab Uppsala.

Selected publications

Hill, J., Rastas, P., Hornett, E. A., Neethiraj, R., Clark, N., Morehouse, N., Paz Celorio-Mancera, M. de la, Cols, J. C., Dircksen, H., Meslin, C., Keehnen, N., Pruisscher, P., Sikkink, K., Vives, M., Vogel, H., Wiklund, C., Woronik, A., Boggs, C. L., Nylin, S., and Wheat, C. W. (2019) Unprecedented reorganization of holocentric chromosomes provides insights into the enigma of lepidopteran chromosome evolution. Science Advances, 5.

Hill, J., Enbody, E. D., Pettersson, M. E., Sprehn, C. G., Bekkevold, D., Folkvord, A., Laikre, L., Kleinau, G., Scheerer, P., and Andersson, L. (2019) Recurrent convergent evolution at amino acid residue 261 in fish rhodopsin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116, 18473–18478.

Hill, J., Lillie, M., Pettersson, M. E., Rubin, C.-J., Grant, B. R., Grant, P. R., Andersson, L., and Jern, P. (2022) Spatiotemporal variations in retrovirus-host interactions among Darwin’s finches. Nature Communications, 13.