Jacques Dainat

Jacques Dainat NBIS expert

genome annotation, transcriptome annotation, transcriptome assembly, phylogenetics, phylogenomics, comparative genomics, evolutionary sequence analysis


I studied Bioinformatics at the Science University of Montpellier (France), and obtained a Phd in Bioinformatics, Structural biochemistry and Genomics at the Marseille University (France). During my Phd I focused on the analysis and the detection of unitary pseudogenes in eukaryotes. For this purpose, I developed expert system modules that generate and analyze heterogeneous data (e.g phylogenetic trees, protein predictions, sequence ancestral reconstructions, sequence comparisons, parsimony reconstruction of events, etc.). This approach allowing detecting loss and pseudogenization events occurred during evolution and also detecting intact genes not yet annotated. Pseudogenization process at genomic level can be observed for recent pseudogenes. I was equally involved in the creation and analysis of phylome of the chordata proteome.

Then I was PostDoc during one year at the International Center for Higher Education In Agricultural Sciences. My work focused on the detection of positive selection at large scale among angiosperm genomes thanks to an original method. Instead to traditional method used (codeml) we used MapNH that provides a prior estimation of parameters, which allows to considerably improving the computational time. The aim is to study the impact of recurrent gene duplication on adaptation of plant genomes. I also worked on the highlight of the species tree of Triticeae. To address this issue I used super matrix and super tree methods.

I joined NBIS in 2014 as expert in genome annotation. I perform functional and structural annotation of any type of organisms (e.g. plants, animals, fungi, bacteria). I carry out also different types of tasks (e.g. transcriptome assembly, abinitio training, manual curation, lift-over, data submission, synteny analysis, COG analysis), and develop tools and scripts for handling the related data.

Selected publications

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