Henrik Lantz

Henrik Lantz NBIS expert

genomics, transcriptomics, NGS coordinator

phone +46 (0)18-4714230

Henrik has a background in biology with a PhD in Systematic Botany from Uppsala University. Following this he did a post doc financed by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative on plant-associated ascomycetes, which in turn led to a position as bioinformatician at SLU, Uppsala, working with genome assembly and annotation of fungal genomes. He has been working for NBIS for 4 years now, focusing on assembly and annotation of genomes and transcriptomes.

Currently Henrik is sharing his time between three areas: 1) Team leader for the NBIS Assembly and Annotation Service. This team provides genome assembly and annotation expertise to Swedish research projects. 2) Administration of NBIS support requests as NGS-coordinator. 3) Leading the European Union funded Elixir-Excelerate task 10.3, “Capacity Building in Genome Assembly in Annotation”. In this capacity Henrik also organizes assembly and annotation courses in Elixir member countries.

You are welcome to contact Henrik with any questions regarding NBIS-support, and questions related to genome assembly or annotation.