Fredrik Levander

Fredrik Levander NBIS expert

proteomics, coordinator, mass spectrometry, data standards

Fredrik primarily helps users within the mass spectrometry proteomics field and is coordinator of proteomics within NBIS. He has also worked on setting up national data storage for proteomics data in close collaborations with SNIC. He is working part time for NBIS and is also conducting research in the computational proteomics area, with a focus on data processing and analysis of quantitative mass spectrometry data. After his PhD in Applied Microbiology in 2001, Fredrik entered the field of computational proteomics via a bioinformatics company before joining the proteomics group of Peter James at Lund University. He has since then been addressing the needs for automated data integration and data analysis, and he has been active in the development of the Proteios platform for proteomics data management and analysis. He is also involved in the Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) of the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO), which is creating standards for exchange of proteomics data.