Dag Ahrén

Dag Ahrén NBIS manager

Genomics, Transcriptomics, Genomic Ecology, Microbial Genomics, Reduced representation sequencing, RADSeq


Dag is working as a manager of the the Micronbiology, Immunology & Protein structure team. He was previously coordinating projects for the short-medium support team and has more than 20 years of bioinformatics experience. Dag is specialized in comparative genomics, fungal transcriptomics, genomics and evolution. After he got his PhD at Lund University, he worked as senior scientist at the bioinformatics company, BioBridge Computing AB. Later, he did a postdoc at the comparative genomics group at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). As an assistant professor in Genomic Ecology Dag worked primarily with fungal genomics and evolution of fungal host interactions. Dag a co-director of the Workshop on Genomics in Cesky Krumlov (http://www.evomics.org).

Selected publications

Kozjek, K., Manoharan, L., Ahrén, D., and Hedlund, K. (2022) Microbial functional genes influenced by short-term experimental drought across European agricultural fields. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 168, 108650.

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