Bo Ek

Bo Ek NBIS expert


Bo works part time as an expert within the proteomics field. He has a solid experience in protein characterization was working with sequencing of proteins even before it was referred to as proteomics. In the late nineties he was awarded a grant from Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation making it possible to shift technology from chemical gas phase sequencing to mass spectrometry based instead. This change resulted in at least a 100 fold increase in sensitivity from one day to another. After some year in the industry (Gyros AB) he was back to Uppsala university and managed the modernization and quality updates of the Amino Acid Center.

For the last several years he has been in the field of protein sequencing again as well as in more general mass spectrometry analyzing problems. Extracting and calculating relevant information from the often large amount of data from mass spectrometers often demands tailor made scripts. Also, presenting the results in the form of graphs and tables enhances the understanding of the actual outcome of the experiments.