Ashfaq Ali

Ashfaq Ali NBIS expert

Metabolomic, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Systems Biology, Genomics, Genetics, Gene Environment Interactions

I obtained my PhD in biological sciences from Lund University focusing on plant pathogen interactions using global transcriptomics (gene expression and RNA-sequencing) and proteomics. The project included RNA-seq assisted proteomics for broader coverage of non-model organisms proteomes and analyses of transcriptomics and proetomics data simultaneously.

During my postdoc in statistical genetics at the Genetic and Moelcular Epidemiology Unit at the department of clinical science at Lund University, Sweden I worked with novel approaches in studying Gene Environment interactions in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Here my projects involved novel approaches in clinical validation of loci from GWAS (Genome wide association studies). Here I also worked with integrated analyses of transcriptomics and methylation data and functional annotation of GWAS loci.

I then moved to the Department of Systems Medicine at Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen where I studies various Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes related questions using targeted and un-targeted metabolomics and lipidomics data. These included patient stratification using clinical and metabolomics data for disease outcomes and treatment response. I also worked with Genome scale metabolic networks for integrated analyses of metabolomics and transcriptomics data from T2D target tissues.

I have been involved in large consortia projects involving industry-academia partnerships and have extensive knowledge and experience in analyses of multi-omics data in relation to clinical associations and vertical/multimodal integration using systems biology and statistical approaches.

Selected publications

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